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05 dodge neon won't start?

I have a 2005 dodge neon SXT. A couple weeks ago my check engine light came on, it read multiple cylinder misfires. We thought it just needed a tune up. So I bought new spark plugs and wires, dodge won't let you buy a fuel filter so we couldn't replace that. Before my dad could even do the repairs my car went from starting weird(chugging) to needing three tries to start to now not starting at all. It chugs and almost starts but nothing, it gets so close to starting up. We checked my battery at the parts store and they said it was dead, I had also cleaned off major corrosion on it. We bought new battery and new terminals and same problem. My fuel pump turns on when you try to start the car and you can smell fuel, we thought maybe that was an issue. Anyone else have similar problems or Know what it could be. I am thinking I'll have to take it to the mechanic on Monday and get it towed there but I was hoping to not have to do that.

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