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2 jobs+2 schedules=help anyone?

Ughh this is stressful. Ok, i work part time at a nursing home three days a week (tues, fri & every other weekend). I felt that thats not enough hours to work so i went out and searched for another job. I applied everywhere and Target gave me a call back. i was pretty excited. I went in for an interview and then a drugtest now this saturday at 9 I go for my orientation. The problem is, this weekend is my weekend to work at the nursing home and i cant find anyone to work for me so i'm going to have to call off (which i never do). I already told Target that im only availabe certain days. the woman i said this to said that it'll be hard to fit me in to work with my 2nd job. Im just afraid that I may end up losing my job at the nursing home for Target and I really dont want that to happen. but if I call off all of the time it will, so what should I do? I dont want to leave Target because the position i was offered, Sales Floor Associate, sounds like a lot of fun. Is there anyone that can give me some kind of advice on what to say to Target so i can work both jobs and not get fired at the same time? thanks

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