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2002 hayabusa runs rich, foules spark plugs?

I have a 02 busa with 4300 miles with 2 in 1 exhaust and headers. I just bought the bike and the previous owner didn't maintained it right. It kept stalling out at first when I came to stops and it runs rich, black smoke. I put new gas, air filter is fine. Owner said he just replaced the spark plugs but they were fouled by too much gas. Few vacuum hoses were disconnected as well. I replaced the plugs and it ran great for 20 miles and no went back to rough acceleration again. Idle is set at 1800. It fires right up and idlees fine but the engine will studded at random on hard acceleration but does fine on normal riding. It will studded and then kick in and then will studded again. Happens at random. What's my cause? Exhaust?. The bike only has 4000 miles but only ridden 1000 miles in the last 9 years by the previous owner

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