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Algebra? Write the answer in descending order? (x^2+14x+48)/ (x+6)?

Also (x^2-5x-14)/ (x+2)


(x^2-9x+20)/ (x-4)

(x^2+5x-6)/ (x+6)

(2x^2+7x+3)/ (x+3)

(5x^2+19x+18)/ (x+2)

(x3+5x^2+8x+4)/ (x+2)

(x^3-7x^2+18x)/ (x-3)

(x^3+3x^2-13x+6)/ (x-2)

If possible could you just put the answer? I know its a lot of steps to write down.....

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