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Anybody understand coyote behavior?

i have something, i assume a coyote, in my yard, every night, same time. it doesnt quite howl, not quite a bark, more of a yipping whine. although the start of the howl, even a short howl, can be sometimes heard.

after about a week, tonight he brought a friend.

i have not seen it, closest i got was shining a flashlight into the back yard and seeing reflective eyes running away.

the other night, it was in my neighbors yard, our yards run together, no fence or woods, neighbor turned on his back flood light and it left for the rest of the night. it seems to have a problem with light. also fears people, i walked out their one night thinking it was a stuck pet, it kept yelping/howling, but kept moving away from me, i never got close enough to see it.

my cats are not afraid of much, neighbor's dogs barks at them while they are in the yard, they ignore him. first time this thing yowled, they ran and hid.

my question is, what is it doing? why this yelping at the same time in the same place every night at 2 am? i want to discourage it ( i would love to shoot it, but neighbors would complain. probably not about the killing, but about some nut opening up in his back yard at 2 am) so if it has a den, or food or something, i would like to destroy the den, or whatever is attracting it.

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