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Atheists: my Daddy just died?

I come from a very religious home, but I have been an atheist for over two years now (I'm 19). Over the holiday, my Daddy passed away very suddenly of a heart attack. He was only 44. He lived a very full life, knew a lot of people and over 1,000 of them attended his viewing and funeral. Throughout the entire weekend, all I heard from all of those people was "he's in a better place", "god needed him", "you'll see him again", "we don't understand the ways of god", and many other similar sentiments from well-meaning friends and relatives. My entire family believes that my Daddy is in heaven and that they will see him again. I, being an atheist, believe that death is the end. However, this is such a hard reality to accept. I love my Daddy so very much and it hurts like hell to know that I'll never see him again. No one in my life understands what I am going through and I cannot talk to them about it because they get angry when I do. I guess my question to fellow atheists is: how do you deal with the death of a loved one? How do you come to accept such a senseless tragedy without the hope that some religious people have? I want so badly to believe that my Daddy is happy in heaven, but I know that belief in something does not make it so. Please help me. I am truly at a loss...thank you

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