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Becoming a Kindergarten teacher any advice?

Ten yrs ago I started college to become and Elem teacher. Ive completed 38 hours and am wanting to finish up to become a Kindergarten teacher or any Elem level. Im looking to go back to school after all these years of being a Hair Stylist and Spa Tech and Cosmetology Instructor because I have a little one at home with me now. I want a career that I can be there to raise my child more than her being at daycare while Im at work. At least as a teacher I can be there with her after school and weekends and summer time as a Stylist I have to work long hours. Is anyone out there done the research or have been a teacher to give me advice on scholarships/grants for single moms or school reinbursement? Is there any advice as to the pay scale for teachers and what grades you have taught to recommend?


Dear Timmay,

As far as 38 credits in ten years is because i didnt finish ten yrs ago! I went a different direction to Cosmetology. My only question was for advice of other educators and the route to take. Besides the passion to teach children and to be able to be close to my children as well was right behind that. Im 30yrs old with my first child and making a career move. Alot of mothers are teachers because they raise children, yes, but because they love children as I do. So, move on to something else besides giving advice with out direction!

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