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Best underground hip-hop verse ever!?

Best Hip-Hop verse ever?

I personally think its Jus Allah's verse in Blood Runs Cold

(Jus Allah)

Im the motherf*cking ungrateful

My heart is hateful, my tongue ripped

Lickin on the blade that slayed you

You f*ggots act as b*tch as Rupaul

Ya n*ggas share one milkshake wit two straws

Your trapped wit no doors, four walls tighten

Seein the roof fall, feelin the floors heighten

Crushed and sh*t your bones and blood siphoned

And put it to the jug we sip before fightin

Im raw lightning my power extends

In the planet and out through the opposite ends

Black man travel through the universe and back

While cavemen still though that the earth was flat

But we kept the sacred plans, now we carry

Throughout the ancient lands

Before the separating of the sands

When God saw the power I create in my hand

He banned my gene strain from replicatin' in man

Link to the Video

Which verse do you personally thinks is the best?

I want to hear a lot of good songs today

if you can link a video great

PLZ no mainstream stuff

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