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Blood in my mini dachshunds urine....?

I have a two and a half year old mini doxie. She had puppies the end of June. All the puppies were fine, she was fine, and she acts completely normal. But she has accidents every now and then in the house and I notice that directly in the middle of the spot is something red which I'm assuming is blood. Wondering why after almost three months she is still bleeding? She has had check ups and things before and after the pups. Nothing abnormal, but I didn't mention the blood because last time I noticed it was probably 6 weeks after the pups and from past experiences with other mothers this was not out of the ordinary. And a few minutes ago she had an accident and I noticed this. Just wondering what could be wrong. I also posted another question about a way she has been acting, but his has been her whole life. More than welcome to check that one too. It was posted today. Thanks!!!!

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