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Can a landlord charge a "new carpet" deposit in LA, CA?

I contacted a property manager in reference to a listing. I informed him i have 3 pets and wanted to find out the pet policies. I mentioned that my pets are 2+ years, all house broken and the cat is declawed. Weight of dogs are 16lb and 40lb, specified breeds (neither on the restricted breed list).

He said in addition to the first last and security, there is also a non-refundable $3200 new carpet fee because of the pets.

Has anyone else heard of this? It seems absurd. A toddler/College student could cause as much damage as 3 pets totalling the weight of 75 lbs to a carpet but parents/college students do not incur an additional "new carpet" move-in fee. Isn't this what a security deposit is for?


I should emphasis the NON-REFUNDABLE carpet fee.

Update 3:

Also I neglected to mention that I work from home, my dogs are well-behaved and are not destructive when we leave. very quiet, rarely bark and are trained to only chew on their toys

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