October 2021 3 60 Report
Can divison overturn an ADSEP?

My husband went UA/AWOL from the Marines when he his PTSD was triggered by a rifle range assignment. While he was on base restriction he was diagnosed with a moderate TBI, PTSD, Seizure Disorder, Severe Anxiety & an extremely low magnesium level. His doctors have said that this could very been the cause of him taking off, and recommended a medical separation board, but in lieu of the court martial they could not push for it. He plead guilty to the charge and the busted his rank and processed him for an ADSEP.

Now division has requested ALL of his medical records and today they want his PTSD testing scores and to speak with the medical officer that did his fit for separation paperwork.


Thankfully, I have involved Quantico Wounded Warrior. I have fought as hard as I can to keep the military from screwing him over because I have heard all of the horror stories. When they were not treating him I jumped his command and went straight to Quantico, our Congressman, and the White House. The Commandant of the Marine Corps called his Battalion directly to see why they were not taking care of him. After all of that he finally started making it to his doctors appointments and was diagnosed with everything. Thankfully, I have all the right people involved to help with the VA side of the house, I am just hoping he cones out with higher than an Other Than Honorable. I really wish they would change their minds and determine that he needs a med board rather than the ADSEP.

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