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Can you recommend a very good children's book ( under 12 ) on Wicca?

My friend's two children, one 9, the other 11 are both interested in Wicca. My friend and his wife are supportive of this ( they are both agnostics but are open to their children having a religion. In fact both their children already believe in the Goddess and the God which is a good start. ) Because of this they have come to ask me what good books on Wicca there are out there appropriate for children.

Now I have no idea why they ask me given I am a Hellenic, and my Gardnerian friend is currently overseas on conference but a quick search on the Internet has resulted in me finding quite a few books.

However given I have never read any of these materials myself I cannot comment.

So my question .. is there anyone here who knows good books for children on Wicca which explains Wicca appropriately on the level of a child BUT must be 100% appropriate for children.

( Which means absolutely no description on the Great Rite .. that is just not appropriate for anyone under 14 years of age!! )


Whilst Harry Potter is definitely age appropriate ( at least the first two books ) it does not however describe Wicca or teach people about Wicca.

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