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Chlorine vs chlorine bleach?

I have known for awhile that I had an allergy to bleach. If I use anything with bleach my skin gets all red and blochy, iches and my hands swell. That being said I use gloves when I clean. I got into a friends pool and had to get out because my entire body had a horrible reaction! Come to find out they use bleach in their pool instead of chlorine. I said oh that makes sense because I'm allegic. My friend insisted that there is absolutely no difference between bleach and chlorine. I have been in dozens of pools including my own and never had a reaction. Am I crazy or is there a difference? I know they both get the pool clean, but obviously one causes me to break out in hives and the other doesn't.


Doesn't really answer why I have a reaction to house hold bleach, but not pool bleach. Based off every answer it should be the other way around.

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