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clavamox and diahhrea...?

My kitten 17 weeks old kitten was wheezing pretty severely so we took her to the vet. She had a history of upper respiratory infections since we got her at 6 weeks. She got better so we took her to get spayed recently. Since she got spayed she started wheezing when she would run. This wheezing got progressively worse to the point where she was wheezing while doing nothing but laying down. We took her to the kitty ER and they ran all of these tests. They found nothing strange in her x-rays. They think the tube that went down her throat during the spay irritated inflamed tissue in her throat from URI causing the wheezing. They gave her antibiotic injections that night and put her on clavamox. Since she has been on clavamox her wheezing has decreased to 1-2 minutes of wheezing every hour rather than the non stop wheezing when we took her to the ER. Now she has diahhrea-my husband calls it soft serve because it is not watery but soft. She is eating lots of canned food, drinks water, and plays plays plays.

The Dr. said to take her off the clavamox- but I am scared if I do the intense non stop wheezing will come back. She has not had her full ten days only three on the Clavamox.

Should I take her off?


The vets have ruled out asthma. They said that a slight bit of pnemonia is showing up in her upper right lung from the chest xray. She is eating, drinking and all that she wants to do is run around. The wheezing has turned more into a series of deep coughs sounding like they are coming from her chest. The series coughs last about five seconds and occur about once an hour-mostly when she is running around and when she is purring. But she has done the long coughing thing while resting too. The sound is somewhere between hacking up a hairball and a series of deep coughs. Would the soft stool be considered diahhrea or is diahhrea more watery?

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