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Clear stretchy discharge, period is 2 days late?

My period was due yesterday, and I am NEVER late. Sometimes a day early, but never ever late my entire life. I'm not on birth control, or anything. I have cramps that feel like AF is coming, but nothing! Everytime I look, it's clear really stretchy discharge, and I know I'm not ovulating since I know that my period was due yesterday! What the hell is this stuff?! LOL.

I thought I was pregnant, dull achy headache, tired all the time, my boobs feel SO heavy, and my nipples are kinda sore when I touch them.

Other than that I have nothing else.

Anyone experience this is pregnancy?

Or what? Lol. Thanks so much.


It's been two days since I posted this question, and still no AF! Still mild cramping, took a pregnancy test yesterday morning and it's neg! What the hell!

I was using the answer brand lab strips, but a lot of my friends have been telling me to use a first response instead of the answer brand, since answer likes to jip their tests with dye? LOL.

So I will test on Friday morning since it is Wed., I'll let it go for one more day before I take another!

Oh, and my mom texted me this morning, and she doesn't know a thing about my period being late, and goes "I HAD A DREAM YOU WERE PREGNANT, IS THERE SOMETHING YOU'RE NOT TELLING ME?!"

HOPEFULLY that's a good sign!!

I'll keep posted.

Update 3:

Well I ended up getting my period this morning. I talked to my mom last night and she told me to have sex and that should bring on my period, so I listened and it came this morning.

I'm not too upset or anything, as we weren't planning for a baby, but know that if we were to have one it's because it was Gods will.

I know that I would be A LOT better off having a baby later on in life anyway, when I can give him/her anything they'd want. :)

Good luck to everyone that is still trying, it might not just be your time yet, but God has a plan for all of you! So tough it out!

Baby dust!

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