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College.. And BRACES!?

All my life, I've had an awkward smile because I have crooked teeth and it's quite noticeable. On my left upper side, one tooth (the one people sometimes consider the vampire teeth) grew a bit higher than the rest and on the right upper side, one tooth that make up my two front teeth is very crooked so when I smile it's just bad haha. My bottom teeth aren't as bad but it still makes up an awkward smile.

Anyway, my family hasn't been able to afford braces for me until now and I was wondering if NOW is a good choice for me. I mean, I can live with smiling in the same certain position I have trained myself to do so it doesn't look so bad, or I can wait for it to change with braces. I don't even know how long I'm you to need to have them on so I'm but apprehensive and confused.

Convince me! Because college is higher education and I want to be taken seriously :/

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