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College Life and Party's?

I am a male 17 soon to be 18 year old Teen in London and this has been messing with my head for a while now. Currently I just quit a college and moved to another private one.

My question is in Movies like American Pie with all the party's and women, does that all REALLY happen? In Uk or USA?

My mother is always telling me that those things happen when your 18 to your 20's. I never saw any posters or ects about a college party at somones house or anything. It just baffles me.

Now I have always been a movie viewer so maybe I just talked myself into thinking College life is like that?

I plan to go to Uni in Amercia for a better career will I see all this there or just be dissapointed somone please give me closure.


Somthing that entered my head is that when aged 17 and 16 Male and Female hormones are all just thinking sexually and having fun but once 18 and in there 20's it calms down and they are not really interested anymore or less wild if you want.

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