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Combined Bachelor and Bachelorette Party?

So, my fiance and I decided that we want to combine our parties. We are using my fiance's camp and having food and drinks with music and stuff, but I'd like to have a few funny games to play... nothing too, too suggestive but still have the feel of a bachelor and bachelorette party. Anyone have any suggestions? The only thing I could come up with is a whipped cream fight which could be funny... and I have the food down (cupcakes that resemble boobs [GUYS] and chocolate fondue with fruit and stuff [GIRLS], I know the girls isn't really suggestive at all but I don't need penis shaped things).

Anything else I can try and plan for the day? Even other food ideas?


Kristen: We are sending invites ahead, I was thinking of just doing traditional 'You're Invited To' cards and put Stag and Hen Party, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party... something like that and then just put down the time, date and place. Real simple so I don't have to get stressed out over it.

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