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Different Shutter Speed Examples?

i love photography but im still learning! just putting out there...

i need examples of different shutter speeds to know and make sure what to expect in a picture. i googled the speeds i needed but i wasn't sure if the pictures it was showing were with the speed. if you can tag/ link (whatever its called) pics from google or anywhere where you don't need to log in like facebook and such that would be great.

okay well i need examples of:

5" shutter speed

3" shutter speed

2" shutter speed

1" shutter speed

1/2 second shutter speed

1/4 second shutter speed

1/15 second shutter speed

1/60th second shutter speed

1/125th second shutter speed

1/250th second shutter speed

also, what would you prefer the ISO to be on for every speed.? i know it needs to be at 100 for slow shutter speeds and around 800-1600 for fast i just want your opinion.

thank you!

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