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DVD recording difficulties?

I have just bought a Samsung DVD recorder with a 160GB hard drive and a built in Freeview receiver. I am quite pleased with it as it is quite easy to use (once you have studied the instruction booklet a few times). However, I am having difficulties with some DVDs. DVD+r will record but will not play back on any other device (either of my 2 PCs or the DVD player I had before the new one I have just bought). I have tried 2 types (hp and Tesco). I have also tried DVD+RW discs and they record and play on any device.

Is this normal or are some disc brands better than others - I have previously had trouble with some CDs, but when I switched to TDK and Sony, there was no problem?

There are also other types of DVDs, e.g. DVD-R (instead of +R) and DVD-RW. Are these any good?

Why not just have one type that will do everything?

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