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Ear ache....rly weird!!?

Hi, this may sounds rly weird but since yesterday i have the feeling of heartburn and gas...whenever i try to burp it kinda gets stuck in my throat for a second and in that couple of seconds, something in the inside of my ear aches a little. i tookl zantac 75 for the hearburn and it didnt rly help at all bc i thought somehow the heartburn might be contributing to the slight earache. my ears dony hurt when im just sitting or standing around only when i breath deep (which makes my heartburn worse) and when i try and burp a little. its rly weird, but ii was just wondering if any one knows what this is or has experienced it b4...thnx


the heartburn doesnt rly hurt that much and the gas is gone, but i juust think its rly weird that they are kind of related...

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