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Estrogen in our water?

Females taking hormone replacement therapy has lead to a steady rise in estrogen in water system, which can't be filtered out unless using reverse osmosis. this is a huge problem since male fish are becoming females. Also, since we are producing so many chemicals including pesticides, our livers are becoming increasingly damaged. The only organ that can remove estrogen is the liver, and since we are harming it from alcohol and pesticides, our estrogen levels are on the rise. Plastics also mimic estrogen and most of our water comes in plastic. I suggest everyone do a liver detox, which includes plenty of kale, broccoli, garlic, tumeric, avocados, organic raw milk, lean buffalo and eggs.These will help clean out the liver so hormones will be balanced. Men are becoming more feminine than ever before and to stop this problem, we need to be healthy


Does anyone think this is a problem or am i obsessing too much?

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