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Excersise and Diet Problem.?

Starting yesterday I started running a 1/4 a mile when I get home from school, and on weekends a mile. Then every other day when I have gym Im required to walk a mile and when I get home even on gym days i run a fourth on school days. So just so u understand:

School days: 1/4 or 1 mile and a 1/4

Weekend: 1 mile.

Well I have MY birthday in a two weeks and I've really been trying to loose weight because its a beach party. I've always been the fattest among my friends. I mean Im not obese, but I do have this fat that NOONE of my friends have. My mom says I will thin out like the rest of them because Im a year younger then all of them but still. I usaully dont eat lunch. Breakfest is special k, dinner is usaully low in fat. My parents say that i eat a very healthy diet. Both of them are twigs. Except for me. I've never been comfortable in bikinis, in fact the first time I wore a bikini was in october when my friend and I went to the beach and she was a twig and I was some fatty covbering my stomache like the whole time. I was so embarrassed. And now guys are gonna be at my party and IM really nervous and scared. Is this going to be possible at ALL in time for my party. :(

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