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Father Dies?

OK the father of my child passed away TODAY!!! My son is only 15 months old so he doesn't know whats going on. The father had a stroke. Anyone that knows Alabama laws on what happens now please help.

I am possitive that the Father's mother is soley responisbale for the custody agreement. Now that the Father has passed away I need to know if the Grandmother has any rights. I have every intention on keeping the grandmother in the childs life but not as much. We live out of town and I have been court ordered to drive back everyother weekend to bring the child to his father from 12 noon Saturday till 4pm Sunday.

My plans are to change the plans to every third weekend for the same amount of time and the same holidays.

Does anyone have any info on any laws that I should know about???!!!???

Also any Georgia Laws would help since I live in Georgia now. I don't know which court it would be seen in since we went to Alabama Court but now live in Georgia??!!??

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