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Foreign language in highschool?

Ive been taking French since 5th grade, and now im a Junior in High school, so thats 6 years of the SAME language. Im not very good at it, and i want to take spanish 1, but my guidance counselor is freaking out telling me how colleges only want to see 3 years of the same language. Is that true? Should i continue french and get a C + grade and then take spanish 1 next year, so 3 years of french and 1 of spanish, OR should i take spanish 1 now, and spanish 2 next year and get and A.. so that would be 2 years of french with C's and 2 years if Spanish with A's? I dont i know which to choose, option 1 or 2 , please help! ALSO, if it helps, i speak pretty good Italian.. so

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