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Halo: Reach Edition Xbox 360?

Ok, wtf. I needed a new xbox, seeing as my bro demolished mine and there was no way of getting it fixed. So i say, why not get the slim version, with 250gb. But then i say, if im gettin that, might as well get the Halo: Reach edition. So I pre-order it from BestBuy. Then I find out weeks later about all of this new "exclusive" stuff you get for the game if you pre-order from GameStop. WTF!

Want I want to know is, what add-ons come with my copy of Reach if i pre-ordered the Halo: Reach edition 250gb Xbox 360 from BestBuy?


Its like if you went to go get a tv from one store, then later you realize that if you had gone to another store you could've gotten the same tv for the same price, but with surround sound speakers and a wall mount. I know it's just a game, but still.

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