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Help an undecided voter?

I'm an undecided voter that has never agonized over a presidential vote more than I have this one. So, I'd like the opinions of McCain and Obama supporters here. I tend to be a moderate conservative (fiscally and ideologically).

1. Obama supporters: Senator Obama has talked a lot about reaching across the aisle to conservatives. If Senator Obama wins the White House and the Democrats win the fillibuster-proof majority in the Senate, what is Obama's incentive to keep his promise to reach out to Republicans when his party holds all the cards. The last time there was a complete domination of one party in Washington, was the 1970s under the Republicans and that didn't work out well. What assurrances do I have that the Democrats will act responsibly without a balance of power in Washington?

2. McCain supporters: We have had effectively a lame duck president for 2 years. This is a very difficult time in our country and we need leadership and co-operation in Washington. The animosity toward President Bush is so venomous that my concern is that a President McCain's ability to make any progress would be severely hindered. Can you assure me that McCain will be able to solve the gridlock in Washington and be able to accomplish anything toward these national issues? How effective will McCain be with a heavily Democrat Congress?

Thanks much.

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