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HELP! sudden wieght loss.(20lbs) im only 13!?

Im 13 5'4 and i used to wiegh about 100lbs, i was healthy. but the last few days maybe a week or 2 i have just suddenly lost over 20 lbs! im not dieting or anything! ive actually been trying to get back to my normal wieght but the more candya nds tuff i eat the more wieght i loose........ now im down to 81lbs... which i s REALLY underwieght. and i think im going to just continue until i do something. what shoul di do? is this normal or is there somethign seriously wrong? please help! my friends anyways say im so skinny and now this!!!


and i am eating tons od pasta, cus its my fav food. and i love mashed paptoes and gravy too so im eatig that too.....

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