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High School sophomore year schedule difficult?

I haven't received my actually schedule with which classes are going to be when but these are my classes.

English, Alg2/Trig, Hon Chem, AP Human Geo, Spanish 5 (This is year 3 Spanish), Computer Science, Photography, Gym and Math Team/Lunch (Math Team is two times a week during lunch).

So I'll be taking 4 Regents (Alg2/Trig, Chem, Spanish, and Global), and 1 AP Exam (Human Geography).

Will this schedule be a lot to handle? Difficult? Stressful?

Difficulty on scale of 0-100 and comments?

*If you happen to know it, include your sophomore year schedule.


Kymra - Don't worry about it. xD I had to take Geometry and Biology freshmen year, that's why. Your business stuff sounds difficult though. D:

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