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How can I find my grandparents in Michigan from Virginia?

I have an abusive father who I know longer speak to or have contact with, but he was adopted as a child. His biological parents were around 14-16 years of age when they had him and gave him up for adoption. He was born on September 27th, 1969 and was adopted in Warren or Monroe Michigan (not familiar with up north) I got close enough to know he was actually born in Port Huron.

My father did do somewhat of a background check on them, no names were revealed, but it did reveal what they looked like and that they had Irish and Welsh decent. I was personally born in Germany.

They would be 58-60 today, if they are still alive. I called the county Clerks office in Port Huron and was told I could not request information because I was the direct adoptee, but I would not risk my wellbeing going through my father.

Is there some other way I can reach out to them, and leave it up to them to respond? I only knew my parents and my siblings. I never grew up with grandparents cousins, or uncles, and I'd love to know who my family is, be they bad or good.

Any advice?

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