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How did christ die for me?

Ive been having a lot of questions and doubts lately and i don't really have anyone that i can go to that i trust or that can give me an answer. Im a teenager and I've faced so many people trying to change my beliefs and views. Im a christian. Baptist to be exact. And I've always been told that Jesus Christ died for my sins so that i could have eternal life. But what does that mean? How did he die for me? Wasn't he killed because the people of his day just didn't like him? Didn't they say he was committing treason? If so, how is that for me? What part of that was for me? He spread the word and they didn't like that so they killed him. So, how does that give me eternal life? I know it sounds bad and wrong. But it doesn't sound like he died for me. How does being crucified save me? What does that have anything to do with my sins? Why does that make a pace in heaven. Being killed for treason or whatever doesnt really have anything to do with me. He didnt die for me, he died because of them, right?

Another question is about God. Why does it sound selfish? He put us here to worship him and love him and praise him and sing to him and etc. He sent his son to die. Why didn't he? If he loves us so much, why didn't he do it? Why did he have to send his son rather than himself?

Also, if God doesnt like sin and doesnt want us to do it, why does he allow it? If hes so hurt by it when we do, why does he let us? If he has control over everything, cant he do something about it?

Can someone please explain this to me. Logically. And i feel lost and i dont know where to go. It doesnt seem like Gods answering me or hearing me. Im trying to grow so i can worship him and love him and have a relationship with him but hes not helping me. Shouldnt he want to help?

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