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How do I get my parents to understand?

My mom doesn't understand me in general. She trys and focuses my whole life on school and lacrosse that it makes it no fun. Now when I really want something (I really want to go to Chile to visit 6 of my great friends) and I was trying to talk to her about it all she did was bring up school and homework and I tried to stay cool cause I really wanted to go and I did, but she never sees when i am trying to be good cause I am not on the top of her radar. She claims that I am not doing anything, but really I have kept my room clean, when she asks for my phone after school I don't struggle to give it to her (she doesn't like me using it during homework), and I haven't been causing trouble since I first brought it up. How can I get her to understand me and how bad I really want this? I made a powerpoint to fully express it and started crying because it ment so much and all she did was call it lies. Can someone please help!


I am 15 years old, already traveled alone in the country, I have a boyfriend so this is not a love experience, and my school just received 6 exchange students from Chile that my mom knows. Every time I bring up going to visit them, I start crying because it means so much to me. One of her friends said, "Oh you should let her go because it is a first hand learning experience and it is a great experience period." But she is not convinced. She can't see how bad I want to go no matter how oblivious I make it.

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