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How much does being obese hinder getting pregnant?

I am 27 (almost 28) and married with one son. I'm heavy, and I want to have a baby. I've been trying for a while with my husband... but it isn't working. I have quit smoking and I have been exercising and working on my weight. I don't eat meat, cheese, or milk, get a lot of veggies, work out for about 35 minutes a day cardio and 20 min with weights and 3 times a week do yoga at home. . .

I don't want to do fertility treatments yet and my doctor said I shouldn't be trying because I am too fat. I don't know. I've always been heavy. I was 311 when I had my son when I was 19. When I was much younger I did meth (from ages 12 to 17) and during that time I was still 200-260. Who has ever seen a fat tweeker? Well that was me.

Of course, I don't do drugs or drink or anything now! I haven't touched them in over 10 years - just in case you were wondering.

I had irregular periods for a long time, but started taking Vitex and that evened them out.

It's been about 9 - 10 months total since we have been trying and nothing. We went through a rough patch May to July, I don't know - but we weren't trying then. But all in all it's been 9-10 months and I am getting so frustrated.


Of course I have "considered" losing weight - heck if you read the first part of the question - I am even working really hard on it! lol

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