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How to get catch semi-feral kitten stuck under cabinet?

I am fostering a semi feral kitten who is staying in my spare bathroom. She was able to scurry under the bathroom vanity and I can't reach her back there or see her. There is a board along the base of the vanity and I didn't realize there was a space above it where she could get behind it. How can I coax her out? I don't have access to a trap right now and would like to get her out ASAP.


I caught her!

I'm actually fostering 3 kittens but the other two are in the tub (we have sliding glass doors to closed them in and they have soft bedding,a hiding spot, food, etc.)

They have been starting to explore their enclosure more now and I could hear the other two moving around, using the litter box so I thought she might hear them and come out.

I had put the card board carrier on it's side a few feet from the vanity with wet food inside (created a trail from the vanity to the box).

I slowly opened the door and she was right by the carrier. I used a towel and was able to scuff her and put her back with her brothers.

I feel much better now.

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