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How to get your parents to understand?


I'm an average teenage girl, I do well in school and I have a perfect record.

However, recently I've been wanting a little more freedom.

I currently have a very strict "bedtime" which I often must break, which I honestly hate doing but I only ignore in order to study for a big test. One day I also wish to maybe go off campus with friends (no chaperones) or maybe go out with a nice guy... However, no matter whatever age I am, until i move out, my parents have made clear that they do not want me doing any of these things. They have tried to drill into my brain that if I ever wanted to do any of these things (especially ever liking a boy) I was susceptible to peer pressure, and if I actually ever did these things I would be headed down the path of a criminal or druggie. They won't even let me get a summer job, much less do volunteer work, which is required for highschool! They said "jobs and volunteer work are for people who cannot focus on their education - instead of doing 'menial' work they should be developing their skills for life." Is it normal for me to want to do these things? Whenever I imply that I want a little more freedom like this, they say that I will be headed down the path of a bad petson, which I must admit can be very hurtful (considering that my parents can think so low of me) if it is normal, how can I ever convince my parents to give me more freedom?

Thank you so much,


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