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Husband Watches Porn?

Ive been married for 6 years and have 2 kids and anoher on the way with my husband. Through our entire marriage my husband has watched porn behind my back, at women who look similar to an ex of his, dont get me wrong not ALL of it does but 70% of it looks like her. I feel bad enough because I know Im not attractive like those women but is he watching it because hes still in love with her? Or maybe because he thinks Im ugly? Ive given up alot for this man, and Ive tried to give him everything hes ever wanted but I feel like he hates me. We only have sex once a week and he wakes up early in the morning (knowing) Id love to have sex but hed rather get off to porn. Why? Someone help because if I keep feeling like this, Im going to leave. Please dont leave ANY negative comments, I dont need the childish remarks.

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