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I don't undertstand facebook ? wt....?

It's a social site i get that part , but why the hell is everyone so ... selly and douchy in such an annoying way , i don't use it despite having one and many friends on it , i tried using it but found that the ridiculiousness was just too much to handle , why do they do that ?

I see people talking about selly stuff,girls taking inappropriate pictures and thanking all the boys that compliment them , i see guys posting stuff so selly it's annoying how facebook lets them post it , and that's the not the worst part the worst part is that togethether all these people create a mew world where being selly/liar/spoiled and irresponsible is acceptable and encouraged , the reason i decided to start using facebook again after having it for few years ( i have like 200 friends ) is to meet new people and girls ... well i was more interested in girls ,not that i don't meet people in rl cause i do all the time .... anyway i just can't stand all the sh*t people do and say facebook but they all seem to like it , so why is that ? how do we stop it or atleast control it ? you can't even find one decent girl who respects herself and doesn't talk to a sh*t load of guys .


the thing is : they like it and enjoy it togehter they create a big gang that likes BS

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