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i hate school sooooooooooo much omg?

i hate school so much its probably unhealthy. im in 9th grade im always stressed out. my teachers wait for the weekends &breaks to give us long assignments that will take our whole break to do, and then they just give everyone 100%s on them and they don't even look at them. like i mean thats good that we get hundreds but its stupid how it feels like were doing it for no reason. and in algebra 2 i never ever understand anything and my teacher is the worst teacher in the history of bad teachers, whenever i ask a question my classmates laugh at me and my teacher talks to me like im an idiot and then she calls me out for the rest of the period. she has tutoring on tuesdays and thursdays after school but when i go to those tutoring sessions i literally have to beg her to answer my questions because she wont teach me it because "we went over it in class". everyone hates her. she knows what shes doing but she never explaains anything and she is just terrible, the worst teacher ive ever had. and to top it all off, she has the most annoying voice.... im not even gonna start. and on tests every question is worth 5 points, she takes points off for the simplest things. if we get the right answer but we dont show work, no credit. if we get the right answer and show our work but we do it differently from how she told us to do it, no credit. and she'll give us these long problems that take like 5 minutes to do by hand or 30 seconds to do by calculator, no credit if you use your calculator. if you dont skip two lines between every problem, no credit. if you get the right answer and you do it on the calculator, you still have to show your work or no credit. if you dont write in full sentences, no credit. im failing her class because of the little things. i literally come home every day from school and i have to google everything that she taught us because she's such a bad teacher. sometimes i get so frustrated i just cry because i hate that subject and the teacher so much. she always calls people out and she talks to her students as if they dont speak english. i cant stand her and if i fail her class then i have to take it again next year which i really cant do because my school is known around the district for having the worst math teachers; my teacher being the worst. since im taking junior math and im a freshman, if i can just get through algebra 2 ill be finished with my maths to graduate but idk how im gonna stay an honors student if my teachers are so terrible.

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