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Im so scared i miss him so much ?

Well it started a year ago i fell so in love with this guy and he loved me to. We went out for 8 months when i knew i wanted to take it to the next step and have sex. I know i am abit young 15 but was 14 when had sex and him 16 and now 17. And we still love each other and please dont im to young to know it anything like that. One day i got a call from his mum and he was in the hospital for a drug overdose. I knew he had a problem and we were dealing with it anyway about 3 weeks we broke up ( i broke it off it was not him hes so sweet) cause im scared of losing him so much but we still loved each other. I found out i was pregnant a week ago but was waiting for the right time to tell. I was on birthcontrol but found out a few days ago im 6 weeks. Yesterday he died what do i about everything im hurting so much inside and can not stop crying. Money os not a problem as we both came from wealthy familys. I miss him so much

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