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Is being underweight bad?

I'm like 4kg underweight but I've never been more confident in my own skin. I finally have a thigh gap and I look amazing in clothes - skinny, but not to the point of being skeletal. I really don't want to gain weight because 4kgs ago, I was really self conscious of my flabby thighs and stomach fat. I never spend a second of the day feeling fat or gross anymore - and I don't want to go back to loathing my body (which is naturally shaped so that I have a really bony upper frame but a thicker and stubbier lower body).

The only reason I'm concerned about being underweight is that I'm still 14 and that I haven't had my period in 5 months - though this may have more to do with hormone issues and diet changes (I lost the 4kg after going vegetarian and cutting out junk/processed foods - I did this both for acne-related and moral-related reasons).

I'm struggling with whether I should eat more and gain the weight. I know that gaining weight will make me, just like it will make any typical person (especially self conscious teenage girls!), extremely uncomfortable and unhappy. If I gain weight, I'll feel pudgy again - and I worked so hard and ate so clean to achieve the body I'm proud of right now.

Everyone is hounding at me to gain weight once they find out about me being underweight (only by 4kgs though), but no one would tell someone who is overweight by 4kgs to lose the weight?

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