May 2021 10 210 Report
Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon?

They are both teammates. Jimmie Johnson is good. Jeff is good. The thing is that the 24 team keeps giving the 48 team their dang setups. The Martinsville race proved it. I am a fan of Jeff and now I really like Jimmie now. The 48 team is taking advantage of the 24 and its taking away wins from the 24. I listened to Jeff's radio and he was extremely mad and is down on himself. I don't care about how you all keep saying that Jeff is complaining all the time but if it was you then you would be doing the same.


Well, I don't know how well Jeff is going to perform at Texas. I believe the car he had at Atl, Cali, and Vegas should perform alright. Jeff has the momentum and the points lead but Jimmie can't stand in his way. I think that if it comes down to the wire like that again, then it will not get friendly. Three second place finishes for Jeff and a potential win at Atl. Watch for Jeff to get on a winning streak. The luck with that 48 will not last that long if steve doesn't give all of the details to chad.

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