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Kitten misses her twin?

Hey I had a little of kittens and I'm getting mama spayed soon, I had 2 orange kittens i call them the twins, and I put the in the same carrier today because 2 separate people was interested in giving them a forever one, but turns out only 1 person showed up to pick her up and after giving her twin away, few seconds later she wouldn't stop crying.... Now she's at home with her other 2 sisters, 1 is idependant and the 2nd one is too crazy and playful. Her twin always got along with her, they did everything together, they slepted, etc. When she got home, she acted normal but then just layed down by herself and I felt like she missed her twin sister, I showed her a picture of her twin and she got up alittle and started smelling my phone (i had picture on my phone) and then just sat back down and i scrolled to a different picture and she started smelling and then another and she put her paw on my screen and tried to pull it towards her, then she slowly just fell asleep... a hour later, she went back to the carrier and just sat there alone, i'm guessing it's cause she is missing her twin... what do i do?? i cried because i didn't know she would miss her that much, should i contact the owner that bought her twin to see if she would take her twin? Or will she change? :(


oops i ment litter of kittens*

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