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Laptop screen goes black, in different modes?

Hi I have had this problem for about a year now basically my laptop screen fades to black then slowly starts shutting down everything that's running. Now the annoying part is that this only happens when I change my battery settings from power saver to balanced, or high performance mode. I have no clue what to do... I thought it was the battery but even when I take the battery out it does the same dang thing. The warranty on my laptop expired so this may have to come out of pocket , what is the problem and how do I fix it? I have a HP pavillon dv4 it's 4 years old, it's really sad to not be able to use the comp at its max potential. I only 18 and I'm just getting into computers so I am learning about how regularly I need to clean it, and honestly I will say my laptop is in poor condition performance wise, not health wise...

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