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Law school advice: degrees?

Every since I was a young boy, I have always had a fascination with law. And in the fall I will start college at the University of Kentucky. I hope to later pursue a law degree. However, I am looking for multiple opinions on the best routes to achieve my goals.

The main question I have is about my Bachelor's degree. I have it narrowed down to two main majors: accounting or public policy with a concentration in finance. I will be minoring in English and theoretical education.

I know that both of these majors combined with my choice of minors (my minors are out of interest, not preparation for law school) will draw out my skills that will be needed for a law student: critical thinking, analysis, and oral and written communication. However, my question lies on the aspect of job security. If by chance law school isn't for me, which of these majors do you feel would give me the most versatile job opportunities?


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