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Mid cycle bleeding and painful back ache?

Mid cycle bleeding and painful back ache?

Mid-cycle bleeding & painful lower back pain?

It is the FIRST time I am experiencing intense lower back pain and painful cramping (even worse than when I am about to get my periods), I am bleeding too. This has NEVER happened to me before. I had my last periods 14 days ago, so I don't think it can be implantation bleeding, although my partner and I do not use contraception. But doesn't implantation bleeding occur about a week after you ovulate?? So it wouldn't be the right timing for a pregnancy. My cycles are regular..

I am REALLY worried about the bleeding. What else than pregnancy could it be? Is there ANY chance it could be implantation bleeding (why would i have such back pain though)?

Thanks for your help...


my nipples are hurting crazy and tummy bloated and Took pregnancy test it is negative

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