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military entry with an RE-4 with a General UHC discharge?

It makes no sence to me that after failing one drug test, you are barred from re-enlistment. Look at how many soldier that fail UA's time and time again are still in the army. I was discharged in 2007 was given an RE-4 but a General Under Honorable Conditions discharge. If they want to bar you from reenlistment, why not just give you a bad conduct or dishonorable discharge. AR 601-210 states that You are not eligible for reenlistment if you have a BCD or DH discharge. I think they need to re-examine the regs and decide if they are going to do the same thing to everyone who fails a UA instead of leaving it up to the CO's at Brigade. I screwed up one time, since my release from the military, I have been to iraq and afghanistan as a government contractor, still hold a security clearance, but am not eligible for reenlistment. Does this make any sence to anyone? I call it a double standard that the Army holds. Can anyone give me insight on this?

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