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Music and sex which songs?

Ok, so I got this threesome coming up soon, I made a reservation at a nice hotel, got some booze and bud, i got everything down. Then my gf suggested I make a playlist of songs to listen while we have this threeway. My delema is that my gf's friend and my gf are like the party girls and I'm a metal head to the core! I'm such a metal head that my head weighs like a ton cuz of all the metal!!>.<

\../, ,\../

So what do all the party kids like to listen to? Idk what would be a good playlist of "party sex music" if such a genre exists (considering all the genres we have already maybe this is a genre too?? I meen dubstep is a genre now o.O) what the heck do they listen to at parties when they take a nice slag of meat and pound it to death in the bathroom??

Please leave detailed answers -.-

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