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my boyfriend is being distant?

ok so i have lived with my boyfriend for about 2 months and the past few days he seems distant. i will admit that every other day i will find something to be mad about and i have a feeling that has taken a toll on him and i fear i cant get him to be interested in me the same way again. I asked him yesterday if he had regrets or had anything on his mind he said no. then i ask are you sure he again says yes trust me we are fine. i can tell his feelings have changed i have to say love you he never says it anymore but when i do say he does say it back but i am not sure if its just cause i said it. He told me about a week ago that if anything changed he would let me know because he has that much respect for me. but what if he doesn't care for me anymore and just too scared to say it . i did move from another state to live here with him could that be why he doesn't want to say his feelings changed ?

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