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Newborn vomits daily?

My 18 day old son has been vomiting at least once daily (sometimes twice) since the beginning of the week. The throw-up is formula-colored with curds in it. It is NOT regular spit-up, as there is a lot of force and distance in this vomiting. The doctor said she doesn't believe it's pyloric stenosis, as he's not vomiting with every feeding, and recommended a formula change (from Nutramegin to Gentlease). Two days later, he's still vomiting. We also tried burping him more regularly and switching to Dr Brown's Natural Flow bottles, with no change. Could he possibly have reflux, an allergy we're not aware of, or could he actually have pyloric stenosis? I know that a doctor would be better able to answer my concerns (and we're going back to the pediatrician today), but I was wondering if any other parents might have some ideas of the cause, and any possible solutions.


Just another quick note, as of the previous doctor's visit 2 days ago, he was still "thriving" and puting on weight (he regained his birth weight plus another half pound since we left the hospital). So depsite everything, he's still getting the nutrition he needs.

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