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nikkah and mental disabilities?

I am a muslimah revert for 8 years. In 2006 I flew to karachi pakitan , met and married my beloved husband.

I am trying to find out what Allah and sunnah say about the status of my marriage. My eldest son is a muslim revert as well, he was not present in my nikkah. I was appointmed two men by the qazi to be my wali.

question 1- was my son automatically my wali before I was married?

question 2- if my son was my wali... and he was not at my nikkah is my nikkah valid?

question 3-I guess ultimately I wanna know the status of my marriage now. I am in usa and my husband is in karachi- awaiting the visa process.

please give answers from the holy quran and/or sunnah:)


Allah hafiz

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